Wellness Wednesday

Social distancing has forced us into converting our homes, our peaceful oasis, into our office, gym, resort, restaurant, movie theater, and nightclub. Social media is trying to convince us that we must use all of this “free” time to create something amazing. Additionally, it is trying to shame us into connecting with everyone we have ever known because if we don’t, that means we are being insensitive or that we don’t really love our friends like we should. Sadly, we are celebrating both life and death over Zoom or FaceTime. It’s exhausting! That is why a few weeks ago, I started carving out some time for wellness on Wednesdays.

Wellness Wednesday is a social media campaign that reminds us to take care of ourselves one a day a week. It promotes working out, practicing yoga, laughing, and even taking a break. It is a campaign that I am happy to support because it is personal. It is about taking care of your mental and physical health. It is about walking away from that computer, television, and/or sofa and using some time to care for yourself. Wellness Wednesday is about doing whatever it is that makes you feel good.

I participate in Wellness Wednesday by blocking off an hour on my work calendar every week. I use the time to lead a 30-minute workout for my friends over Zoom. Working out with friends at the same time every week keeps me accountable and helps me de-stress from work. I also feel more energized when I return to my computer.

Another strategy I have been employing on Wellness Wednesdays is playing games in the evenings with my husband instead of binge watching series. We usually play table tennis, but we also play Wii games (yes, we still own a Wii). I try to keep the games active and fun. Laughter and competition are great ways to end the night. I wake up happier on Thursday mornings.

Some other strategies I look forward to including in my Wellness Wednesday routine is lighting candles, taking a bath, and reading a book. I would also like to jog or participate in an online meditation or yoga class. Writing for the blog is another option.

As I mentioned, Wellness Wednesday is a day to take care of you. Take some time to brainstorm some things that you would like to do. It could include others, or it could just be taking some time for yourself. While I encourage everyone to participate in this day of self-care, I understand if you are not up to doing this. You should always do what works best for you.

Be well! This too shall pass.

2 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday

  1. Jacqueline Wilcher says:

    Hey LS!

    I loved your message and I am encouraged by your article for Wellness Wednesday! I am also going to try to carve out sometime to keep well during the day! Thanks for sharing!


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