Author’s Note

At the beginning of the year, I created a vision board and wrote down approximately ten of the goals that I wanted to accomplish this year. To my surprise, most of the goals were related to writing. Although, the last blog post I wrote was in October 2019. Since then, I have also rewritten an article, which I submitted for publication, at least twice this year. Other than those two pieces, I have not written much else. The other day, I tried to write a blog post about how growing up in poverty taught me survival preparation skills that I had to call upon in the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic. But as I was writing that piece, I realized that I do not want to write such personal stories, nor do I want to use my writing to tell people what to do or how to live. I want to write to inform people about things that I can back up with evidence in addition to experience. I want to write more so that I can become a better writer and to find my voice. Therefore, as I start on this next phase of self-discovery and discipline, I invite you to offer your feedback, critique, and encouragement.


Note: I understand how this very piece is in contradiction of what I describe in it but hey, it’s the first thing I have written in a while (shoulder shrug). The best is yet to come!

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