Growing Up Halloween…

I really love holidays! Holidays have a special way of causing an influx of positive energy that radiates through all aspects of my life. People seem happier and the decorations seem to get more outlandish year after year.

My favorite holidays are my Birthday, Christmas and New Years Eve but Halloween is definitely trying to find a spot in my top three. When I was a kid, every year my siblings and I would dress in costumes and walk around our neighborhood collecting candy. Counting our candy at the end of the night was almost like the feeling we got on Christmas counting our gifts. It was just exciting! On a couple Halloween nights, my mother’s friends set up a haunted house in their apartment. They dressed in costumes and popped out of closets and from under beds. They even played Halloween theme music and as the kids walked by they would call us by name, “Danielle, I’m coming to get you.” That was the scariest haunted house ever! Those were some awesome times in my childhood.

(My favorite Halloween Costume that I made: Mother of Dragons)

As I have gotten older, I have celebrated Halloween in a number of ways. My uncle usually hosts an adult Halloween party complete with food, decorations, music and a costume contest! One year my friends and I went downtown where we lived to bar hop in full costume. The streets eventually got overcrowded but for the first few hours it was too much fun! The last couple of years though, I spent Halloween in the house but my husband and I made it fun.

(My Uncle’s Halloween Party. I made my witch outfit and the red polka dot dress and bow.)

Last night, on Halloween, we handed out candy to the kids in our neighborhood. This was our first time doing this and it truly brought me joy. All of the kids were dressed in cute costumes and they looked so happy, except the big kids who tried to act as if they were being forced to ‘trick or treat’ (I know that was just a front; been there, done that!) But seeing the kids’ eyes light up when I dropped a hand full of candy in their basket and then my husband followed up with another hand full was fun. It made me think of my own excitement as a child receiving candy and I felt good about participating in this holiday tradition.

We ended our night watching scary movies. It was a great night and I’m already looking forward to next year! Who knows, I may even decorate my yard or create my own haunted house.


              (The coolest married couple ever!)

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