Why I celebrate my birthday every year…

Each year as it gets closer to my birthday I feel a ball of excitement start to bounce more and more frequently in my stomach. I start window shopping and thinking about how I should treat myself. I wonder what my husband will surprise me with and if I’ll be able to get my friends and family together to celebrate with me.

Each year I ask myself, “ why do you want to celebrate your birthday every year?” And to that I answer (in my head only because I heard if you ask and respond to yourself you may be crazy), “because I like to have a good time and life is too short, who knows if I’ll live to see my next birthday?” Those are the simple responses but deep down I know that I love celebrating my birthday because birthdays were a big deal to my mother. She would always try to make me and my siblings feel extra special on our birthdays. Even on birthdays that we didn’t have a party, we always received a cake and people always sang the infamous “Happy Birthday” song twice: the mainstream version and the “Black” version. My birthday has always been my own personal holiday, a celebration of my growth, a reflection of how far I’ve come, and it always brought thoughts of a bright future.

Furthermore, there’s no greater feeling than celebrating your holiday with the people you love. Love is the greatest gift that you can receive after all.

This year celebrating my birthday has a slightly different meaning for me. This year I’m reflecting on my mother’s life and legacy. I’m comparing where I am and what I’ve been through to how my mother might have felt at this age. As a child, I always thought my mother was old and sometimes even out of touch but as I round off my 33rd year of life feeling slightly young and slightly old but so full of potential, I now understand how devastating it could of been for my mother to be told that she would not live until her 34th birthday. It was during this same age that my mother was fighting breast cancer. A battle she lost at the age of 33. So this year, I celebrate my birthday for the both of us. I will reflect on our time together and plan a future that will continue to make her proud. Like I said earlier, life is short so each year I celebrate my birthday because who knows if I’ll live to see the next one.

Do you want to see how I transformed my dinning room into a super glam reception area for my birthday dinner party? Click here.

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