“We don’t laugh because we’re happy-we’re happy because we laugh.” William James

Recently, I had a stressful day at work and I texted my husband and told him, “I need a drink when I get home.” On my way home, I had to stop and get gas because my gas light came on while driving to work. The issue was that I had no idea where the nearest gas station was located, so I used my GPS. After being lead to one closed gas station, a non-existent gas station, and then back to the closed gas station my patience had really been running thin. I decided to just head home hoping that I would find a gas station before I ran out of gas. Fortunately, after abandoning the GPS and driving on instinct, I found a gas station. Once, I filled up my tank and began riding home, I struggled with finding a radio station playing music that could help lift me out of the funk that I was slipping into. I decided to turn on a podcast that I began listening to at work. When I finally made it home, settled in, and began doing random things around the house, my husband asked if I still needed that drink. I had forgotten all about the frustration that I was feeling all day because the podcast that I listened to on my way home was so engaging and had me laughing a lot, so much so I no longer “needed” a drink to wine down. Laughter cured my temporary insanity.

The point of me sharing that story is really to describe the impact that podcast have had on my life recently. In a time when, “ratchet” television programs are the most widely available programs on television, hip hop music is selling dope, and Mary J. Blidge is experiencing a hardship that saddens me, I find myself listening to more and more podcasts. Podcasts are great because in addition, to making me laugh during stressful times, they can be educational and informative. Most importantly, I could listen to a podcast any time I want on my phone. Another thing that I love about listening to podcasts is that the ones that I listen to are mostly independent of a network therefore people seem to be speaking more candidly about issues such as relationships, pop culture, and politics which is fascinating to me. Therefore below I share with you some of my favorite podcasts, including the one that I co-host with my husband.

“Newbie” Podcasts:

Shut up and Think by Dr. Dani (me) and DF Dollars
I have a doctorate in science education and DF Dollars has two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Finance and one in Marketing and a Master’s in Education. We have known each other for over 16 years and have been married for 8 years. On our podcast we discuss relationships, politics, education, pop culture, and anything else that comes to our mind. We are tired of this culture of people sharing information immediately and would like to encourage people to just “shut up and think.”

Our World by Netboy and Doc
“Two guys from New York, one from Harlem and the other from Brooklyn, separated by more than a decade, come together to say the ‘ish you’re thinking. No topics are off limits and all topics are on the table. Join us on this wild ride, where anything goes and be part of our show. After all, it’s Our World.”

Established Podcasts:

My Taught You by Myliek Teele:
Myliek is the owner of Curlbox, a natural hair care subscription company for women of color. On her podcast, Myliek shares advice for people thinking about starting their own businesses and interviews other prominent business owners and authors. The advice she shares can be used in a number of business situations and relationships.

The Casey Crew by DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey
DJ Envy is the DJ for The Breakfast Club and does freelance DJing at a lot of events around the country. Gia is a stay at home mom and now co-host of their podcast. Their podcast focuses on their marriage and how they raise their children. They have been together since high school and have experienced a lot together. I find the stories that they share funny and very relatable even though they are wealthy. I think Gia gives good advice but Dj Envy’s advice is questionable but you be the judge.

Brilliant Idiots by Charlamagne tha God and Andre Schultz
Charlamagne is a radio and television personality and NY Times Best Selling Author. Andre is a comedian and television personality. On their podcast they discuss topics such as politics and pop culture. This podcast is interesting because they come from very different backgrounds so they offer different perspectives on every day topics. In addition, they are plugged into the industry so they interview a lot of people from different fields. While at times you will feel like they are brilliant, other times you will think they are idiots. It’s great!

Drink Champs by Noreaga and DJ EFN
Noreaga is a former rapper from Queens, NY and DJ EFN is a former DJ from Miami. Their podcast centers around interviewing hip hop legends while drinking and smoking. Although, he claims to be a “drink champ” that is not really reflected on the show because Noreaga taps out often. Check out the interview with Dame Dash, especially the final hour, to see what I mean. Every show I watched was entertaining except the one with TI. I am not really sure if he has conducted any new interviews but there are enough episodes to keep you entertained for a while.

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