Credit Cards are your Side Chick

Treat credit cards like your side chick. She should be available when you need her and willing to go out of her way to make you feel confident and secure. Your side chick should always recognize her place and understand her boundaries. Although she’s a lot of fun, your side chick should never become your main chick. There are rules that you must adhere to because she’s around for the benefits not the headaches. Below you will find some simple rules that you can use to keep your side chick in her place.

Side Chick Rules:
1. Don’t spend too much time with your side chick. You don’t want to make her think she means more to you than she actually does. Similarly, you have to manage your credit card balance. You should not have a balance over 7-10% of your available credit card limit from one month to another. Your last statement balance is what is reported on your credit report. You want to use your credit card to earn points (benefit) but don’t buy more than you can afford to pay off that month unless you will have to deal with the interest (headache).

2.  Side chicks are like credit cards: having too many of them increases the likelihood that you will get caught up in some drama. Choose your credit cards wisely and don’t let your ego make you believe that you handle every one that is offered to you. Remember, you are here for the benefits not the headache.

3.  Buying gifts for your side chick is optional, just like annual fees on credit cards. I do not know why you would want to pay for something that you could get for free.


4. The last thing you want to hear from your side chick is “I’m late.” This applies to credit cards as well. If you get a message from your credit card company saying “You’re late,” that lowers your credit score and you will have to pay more than your purchases were worth.

Both side chicks and credit cards have their benefits but they have to be managed accordingly. These rules should help you do that. In the words of an infamously anonymous pimp, “I can teach you the game but the hustle is sold separately.”

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