4 thoughts on “Growing up in Poverty Handicapped my Future Financial Security

  1. Kareem says:

    I agree, had this discussion on the podcast. I’m now learning the stock market and putting money aside that I can’t touch allowing it to grow. It’s a great thing to know that poverty can handicap a persons life but with the tight guidance everyone can overcome.


  2. Anikaye says:

    I too greet with you about educating your child early about financial security. Even though I grew up with my dad always telling me to save my money. I never really knew why until I got older. I knew I was always good with money because I always end up putting something away and hiding it from myself so I wouldn’t spend it. However, I never really knew the importance until I was old enough and start paying my own bills then I understand the meaning of putting it a side for a rainy day and being financially secure.

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