Plus size Fashion: For Us by Us #DistrictofCurves

I didn’t realize until I became a designer how empowering being a model is for people. I wanted to become a model when I was younger because I thought they were pretty but I never thought about the self-esteem boost it could give me. I always thought I was cute but I was short so I was told early on that I could not be a model. I never pursued it after that. I never really even thought about how important it is to see models that look like me (See my previous post about The Search for the Perfect Body). When I became a designer, I realized that many of the models that I met were on a mission to show the world that they are beautiful and sexy. These women, mostly considered plus sized, were part of a movement that I could relate to but I wasn’t paying attention to. They were making waves in society. They were banning together and they were unstoppable. Over the past 3 years, I have seen the impact they have had on demanding retailers and designers cater to women of all sizes and I must say, I am impressed. That is why when I was invited to the District of Curves Fashion Show by Candice Nicole (@Canicenicolepr) I was excited.

For the past four years, District of Curves (@Districtofcurves) has provided a platform for plus size women to showcase their curves and for local designers to promote their brands. It has created an opportunity in Washington, D.C. for business owners, bloggers, and fashionistas to network and support each other. The energy and positivity that radiates at shows like this is liberating. It’s powerful and motivating to be a part of a community that is growing and I want to make sure that you don’t completely miss out. Below I share some highlights from the show.

Who said plus size women can’t wear white? I do not know but they were wrong! Fashion to Figure (@ftfsnaps) showcased their white collection at this fashion show and it was on fire! It never fails, one random weekend in the summer I receive an invite to a white party and I have to scramble to find the perfect outfit. This summer I will be prepared because I saw some great white pieces from Fashion to Figure that I know will help me standout at my next white event.

Curvy and Chic Boutique! One of my favorite collections shown on the runway was presented by Shop Total Chicness (@shoptotalchicness) online boutique. I really loved the bathing suits and brightly colored dresses. When I tell you those models were strutting down that runway…You could tell that they felt confident in what they were wearing. I’m looking forward to ordering something from there soon!

Supporting the Culture. In addition to the runway show, there were some great vendors at the fashion show. As I browsed the vendor tables, I came across the You “R” Collection (@theyourcollection), which is a brand that “celebrates today’s African American Youth.” They were selling t-shirts and notebooks with positive images and sayings geared toward recognizing the greatness of African Americans. I really wanted to buy everything on the table but I knew that was unrealistic for one day. I settled for a few notebooks with African American girls on the cover. Since the event though, I have reviewed the Instagram account and I will definitely support this company again soon.


(Notebooks I bought from the You “R” Collection)

Model to Watch: As I have immersed myself into the plus size fashion community, I have met some really awesome people. Today I’d like to share with you one of my favorite plus size models, Tazah Richardson (@Tazahthemodelvixen). I have worked with her in the past and I have seen her walk in a number of shows. I am always impressed. She is so pretty, professional, and has a “mean” walk. If you are ever looking for a great model for pictures or to slay the runway, check her out!

(Tazah modeling a Duster created by me; @Dreamsbydanielle)

You can go to to see more images and learn more about the show.

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