“Your Network Determines your Net Worth” #TwentyQueens

IMG_4147Today I attended Chapter I of the “Twenty Queens Power Brunch,” a four part master class series focused on helping women develop their brands through networking and learning from experts in the field. This event was curated by Uju Obianwu (An Uj), CEO and Founder of “The Life of An Uj, Inc.

As an entrepreneur, I frequently attend networking events in order to connect with other entrepreneurs in my area. While my intentions are always good in attending these events, my experiences have not always been rewarding. Sometimes I attend an event and it is so frustratingly unorganized or I realize that I have ended up in a room full of women who already know each and apparently live by the “no new friends” motto. Today was refreshingly different!

From the time I stepped into the restaurant in which the event was held, I felt welcome. An Uj was very nice and directed me to my seat. The table decor was fit for a Queen. As other women began to join my table, they too were very warm and pleasant. I was instantly engaged in conversation with other women about our goals and why we attended this event. Everyone began exchanging business cards and ideas about how they plan to grow their business. The networking was so organic. It was awesome!

While I was immersed in conversation, the servers began bringing out the food that we ordered when we purchased our ticket. They seamlessly delivered our orders and I did not hear one compliant. I ordered the french toast and I must say it was hot and delicious.

Soon after we began eating, An Uj announced the guest speakers, Kimberlee Postell (@naturallyfashionable) and Candice Nicole (@candicenecolepr). Each woman spoke about developing your brand, elevating your brand, and claiming our spaces as women entrepreneurs. Below you will find three things that I learned from these women:

  1. Let your Passion Drive You: It is important to identify what you are passionate about because that is what will keep you going when you hit roadblocks such as time management and creating new content. If you are passionate about what you are doing you will work harder to overcome any issues that you face and issues will arise. Furthermore, your passion should drive your content.
  2. Social Media is Important: If you have a business, you should be using social media to connect with your clients and to elevate your brand. Your social media account should not be private and it should reflect your aesthetic. Keep in mind, people will use the content on your social media account to determine if they want to support you and/or work with you.
  3. Collaboration is Key: Working with others in your area can help you build your network and allow you to get assistance with things that you struggle with. For example, working with an up and coming photographer could allow you to have low cost photos taken for your blog. With any partnership though, both people should benefit from the relationship, so choose wisely and make sure that you are also bringing something to the table.

I do not know how An Uj was able to bring together such a great group of women but when I left this event I felt inspired to continue building by brand.  I left with a handful of business cards from women that I hope to collaborate with in the future. And I left feeling like it was a brunch well spent. I am truly looking forward to attending Chapter 2 of this master class series. Feel free to meet me there! Check out http://www.twentyqueenspowerbrunch.com for more information. I look forward to networking with you.

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