10 Ways to Enhance your Body Image

As a follow-up to my Blog post, “The Search for the Perfect Body,” I developed a list of ways you can improve your body image.

  1. Write yourself a love note when you are feeling down. List things that you love about yourself and set goals for the future. It may be helpful to post them on a vision board so you can refer back to them.
  2. Read stories that are positive. I like xonecole. She always has good interviews and tips from people who have overcome a variety of situations. These stories inspire me to think about my own stories of resilience.
  3. Compliment your loved ones more. Complimenting others can make you feel good. It also releases positive energy into the atmosphere.
  4. Follow people on social media who have similar characteristics as you and who are doing big things. Seeing others who look like you accomplishing their goals can show you that whatever you thought could stop you, is non-existent. You can do anything you want to do! Furthermore, usually people on social media who have large followings receive a lot of compliments. Read about the positive things people are saying about that person; some of them can relate to you.
  5. Like your “friends'” posts on social media. Again, recognizing and complimenting others can have a positive impact on you. It also helps you focus more time on finding positive things to say or write.
  6. When you are about to say something negative about yourself say something positive instead. It is important that you release positive energy in the atmosphere. The more you focus on the positive about yourself the better you will feel.
  7. Take a walk. It could just be taking a regular walk around your neighborhood or walking during your lunch break. Moving around and taking in beautiful scenario can help you release endorphins (the “feel good” hormones) and noticing small changes in your body will definitely help you feel good!
  8. Refrain from ridiculing others about their flaws. Remember, the energy that you release into the atmosphere affects us all.
  9. Surround yourself with people who encourage, inspire, and love you. Everyone needs a good squad! You need your own cheerleaders who compliment you regularly and help you see how beautiful you are; inside and out.
  10. Go out! Do not sit in the house worried about what people may say. Get dressed, go out, and enjoy yourself!





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