Greeting cards are overrated!

A few years ago my husband and I decided that we would no longer purchase cards for each other. I believe the conversation started one holiday after I expressed how expensive greeting cards have gotten. To my delight, my husband agreed and by the end of the conversation we decided that we would never buy cards again. Here’s why…

3: As an African American woman, it is really difficult to find cards that I like without a white person or couple pictured on the card. It is very frustrating how difficult it is to find a card that have images that reflect me. I want to buy cards with images of people that look like me. Mahogany card company has expanded the diversity of the images and the messages in the cards which I do love but that leads me to other reasons that I no longer purchase cards.

2: Spending 30-45 minutes in a store searching for the most appropriate message in a card is not the best use of time. Cards do not rally contain the type of messages that I want to send to my man. I really love my husband but I do not like cards that say things like, “I was nothing before I met you” or “ I know we fight a lot but that is just passion,” and I definitely cannot relate to “moving mountains” for someone. LOL! I don’t agree with messages that state things that I would not or could not do or that I don’t believe in.

1: So most cards don’t have images that reflect my beauty nor messages that I can relate to, and finally they cost an average of $5. Seriously, I do not like paying $5 or more for cards that will probably be thrown away. When we really think about it the reason people keep cards is because of the additional message that the “card giver” wrote or added to the card that really moved them. I’d rather add the extra money to the gift than to buy something that will be thrown away.

Those are the reasons that I’ve decided not to purchase greeting cards but I still exchange cards with my husband; we just make them ourselves.

I regretfully buy cards for friends and family though because some people take receiving cards very seriously and for them I have to buy them less frequently.

Have you ever considered making your own cards? What is the best card that you’ve ever received?

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